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The comprehensive resource for conferences, organizations, the media, and others to find experts across healthcare. We aim to close the gender gap in healthcare, one initiative at a time.

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Welcome to the Women in medicine Speakers bureau!

About WIM Speakers Bureau

We are dedicated to closing the gender gap in healthcare one initiative at a time. By pairing up expert women in healthcare with opportunities to speak at conferences, in the media, at institutions, and any other event where the insights of a healthcare leader are required, we aim to amplify and elevate women thought leaders across fields and specialties.

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WIM speakers represent a wide variety of fields, from clinical experts to international though leaders, from best selling authors and those in the C-suite to equity experts.

Why The Speakers Bureau Was Created

On a mission to close the gender gap in healthcare, the Women in Medicine Speakers Bureau embodies an evolution of empowerment for women in the field.

Through education and support WIM has created a space where one is able to learn how to strategically combat the inequitable treatment of women in medicine, and armed those who engage with the WIM platform with tools to change the system within their own organization or institution.

What People Say

Serving the medical community and beyond. Here is what experts and our users have to say about the WIM Speakers Bureau.

I got to meet her!

One of my highlights from last year in attending the conference was actually meeting the phycologist Pauline Clance, Ph.D., ABPP behind the term ‘Impostor Syndrome’. I got to listen to her speak, I got to meet her, and I got to exchange anecdotes with her – which was incredible.

Dana Corriel

Internal Medicine Physician

Great content overall!

Great content overall!

My top three takeaways are using your voice, sit at the table, get out of your comfort zone.

Rakhee Bhayani

MD, Internal Medicine Physician

Fosters the growth of female physician leaders.

WIMS creates a much needed space where empowerment of the woman physician is a priority for all, and in doing so, fosters the growth of female physician leaders.

Nisha Mehta


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