Dr. Christine Gibson

Dr. Christine Gibson is a family physician, trauma therapist, and author of The Modern Trauma Toolkit. You can find her on TiKTok with the handle TikTokTraumaDoc with >130k. Dr. Gibson has a passion for Health Equity and systems change, having created a residency and run programs for and with equity-deserving communities. A lifelong learner, she has a Masters in Medical Education, a Doctorate in Transdisciplinary Studies, and a Diploma in Topical Medicine in addition to being a somatic traumatologist and Ayurvedic counsellor. She runs an international non-profit called the Global Familymed Foundation and a company where she trains professionals on how to manage workplace trauma – Safer Spaces Training (and The Belong Foundation).

Personal Website: www.ChristineGibson.net

Book Site: www.ModernTrauma.com

Specific Presentation Topics

  • Three Joyful Phases of Trauma Recovery
  • What Your Body Already Knows About Toxic Stress
  • InterGenerations: Ancestral and Preverbal Trauma
  • Personalized Tools for Post-Traumatic Growth
  • Your Body is Designed to Heal: Havening, EFT, and Tremoring
  • From Freeze to Freedom: Shifting Addictions and Dissociation
  • Is Everyone really this Angry? Or is it Trauma?
  • Family Medicine Stories from Across the World: use of Narratives and Appreciative Inquiry
  • Psychological Safety in the Future of Work
  • Trauma-Informed vs Anti-Oppressive
  • Transdisciplinary Medicine: What does it mean to Generalize
  • Medical Assisted Death in Canada
  • Healing the Collective: Social Innovation and Design Thinking to help the community solve its own challenges
  • Storytelling for Good: How Stories Heal
  • What Can a Portfolio Say about Medical Trainees



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