Dr. Dympna Weil, MD, FACOG, ACC

Dympna Lynch Weil, MD is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist with a long standing interest in women’s health and physician wellness. She was most recently in clinical practice as an OBGYN Hospitalist, with experience in academics and private practice. During her more than twelve years of clinical experience, Dympna was committed to education and service: she was an educator of patients, medical students and residents, while also serving in various leadership positions. She founded the Clinician Wellness Committee at her organization to bring awareness and lend a voice to physicians seeking life quality improvement, while also serving as a peer-to-peer support team member.

As the Founder of The Physician Wayfinder™, Dympna now coaches clients as they set out to reconnect with themselves and live their lives with more joy, peace, and fulfillment. She works with medical students, residents, and physicians in all phases of their careers, as well as other professionals, coaching on a wide variety of personal and professional topics. She does this by Prescribing Possibility™ to all those she works with – work-life harmony, self-care, medical litigation, infertility, and self-compassion are among the coaching topics which are near to her heart. Dympna trained with Martha Beck and is a Certified Wayfinder Master Coach; she also holds her ICF certification as an Associate Certified Coach and she is featured in the American Medical Women’s Association’s Physician Coaching Directory.

Dr. Weil lives in beautiful upstate New York with her husband, daughter, and their two awesome doodle dogs – walking distance from the lake, because the water is her happy place. Outside of her coaching practice, she can be found reading, writing, tapping (EFT), or bringing her daughter back & forth to swim practice 🙂 One day, she hopes to get back to teaching Irish dance when her vestibular recovery allows. She is in the process of querying for her debut book.

Specific Presentation Topics

  • Intellect Meets Intuition: Reconnecting our Brilliant Minds to our Disconnected Bodies and Hearts
  • The Dimmer Switch: A simple coaching tool for self-compassion
  • Is Coaching Woo-Woo? An overview of coaching in medicine & why every physician deserves it

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